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Bamboobino is seeking qualified licensees.

"It is so pleasing to find a product created by women using natural, sustainable resources that is also enormously visually appealing and highly functional." 
- On Bamboobino's Baby Gift Set, Top 10 Products for New Mothers,

Bamboobino is a nationally recognized brand of eco-friendly children's clothing, bedding and bathtime accessories in Canada. As a pioneer of bamboo for baby products in 2007, Bamboobino quickly caught the attention of the media as well as the business of retailers and parents across Canada. 

The Bamboobino brand is one that is synonymous with the modern family. With more women having careers first and then children at a later age than their mothers, the modern mother is confident in what she wants for herself and her children. 
Families today are thoughtful consumers who recycle, choose local and organic foods, and are aware of the social and environmental consequences of their purchases. They are also more aware of chemicals and harmful substances in their food and clothing which affect their family's health. 
From its conception in 2006, Bamboobino's mission has been to provide parents with bamboo as a sustainable alternative through mindful commerce. Originating from a mom entrepreneur who created these products for her own children, Bamboobino is now a thriving business whose products are used by thousands of parents. 

Brand Positioning & Values 

Bamboobino is a lifestyle brand that is a reflection of this generation of parents making a difference for their children and their world. 
Quality baby clothing, bedding and bath towels designed with clean lines and functionality make Bamboobino products timelessly appealing. 
Bamboobino products are currently distributed in higher end children's boutiques and chain retailers across Canada. 

Bamboobino's core values are: 

Security - peace of mind for parents & safety for their children 

Mindfulness - ethical manufacturing & giving back to the community 

Contemporary - relevant, yet classic and appealing to all generations 

Attractively functional - thoughtful, cute, practical and with clean form, often with a twist and more than "just basics" 

Integrity - trustworthy & reliable to our customers 

Customer Profile 

The Bamboobino Customer is: 

A conscientious mother aged 26 or older 
Has or had an established career 
Is in the $150,000-$200,000 household income bracket 

The Bamboobino Customer: 

Buys Bamboobino, knowing it is a quality product for her child 
Lives an active lifestyle with her family 
Reads labels and is a knowledgeable consumer 
Recycles, shops organic, and is community oriented 

Shopping Behavior 

The Bamboobino Customer: 

- buys organic for her children and spreads the "Word of Mom" about exceptional products 
- will spend more on her child knowing the value in quality made, natural products 
- is loyal to brands or companies that they know more about and feel comfortable buying from 

Bamboobino's Marketability 


- was one of the first Canadian companies to introduce bamboo for babies and children. 
- has a smart, descriptive name that is trademarked in Canada and the USA 
- has an appealing logo to both adults and children 
- has the #1 Google ranking for search terms such as "bamboo baby 
hooded towels" and "bamboo baby washcloths" 
- has a mom and family behind the brand that is relatable to their customers. 
- has won product awards - iParenting Media for Best Products (2009) & Parent Tested Parent Approved (2012) 
- has been nominated for several business awards 
- has triple bottom line practices - people, planet, profit 
- continues to attract local, national and international media coverage online, and on print and TV 
Bamboobino has proven its marketability and success in their local market and is ready to expand beyond. 

Licensing Opportunities with Bamboobino 

Bamboobino is seeking qualified licensees to expand within the North American market. 
Licensing is a multi-billion industry in North America, yet there appears to be very few licensees for bamboo children's products. 
Just as Bamboobino quickly recognized that this unique fiber for children would become an instant success in the Canadian boutique market, Bamboobino is looking for partners to share this vision and leverage this brand for distribution to mid and upper tier markets in North America. 

Licensing Categories Available (but not limited to): 

Infant layette Baby accessories, Sleep sacks, Nursing products, Knitted apparel, Childrens bedding, Bath towels, Bath accessories, Childrens apparel,  Plush toys, Teething toys, Skin care, Health care, Nursery decor, Footwear. 

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