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Amazon Clearance

We've decided to leave Amazon for good!

We've got Bamboobino goodies in Amazon's warehouses and we can't get them shipped back to Canada (to USA only and we can't drive across the border to get them) so the other option is to have our products destroyed (what a waste!)

You can benefit from unprecedented deep discounts and once they're all cleared, we can leave Amazon for good without our beautiful products going to waste.

Here are products that need to be cleared from Amazon at amazing prices!

Socks, Nb-6m
  Socks, 12-24m
Socks, 24-36m
Apron Hooded Towel, Grey trim
Burp Pad, Grey trim
Burp Pad, Black trim
Burp Pad, Cream trim
Burp Pad, Pink trim (Ladybug Garden) 
Burp Pad, Brown trim (Panda Forest)
Burp Pad, Blue trim (Ocean Playground)
Knotted Pixie Hat, Nb-6m
Knotted Pixie Hat, 6-12m