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Imperfect Apron Hooded Towel - sky blue

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Sold as is, final sale. May have slight fabric flaws, small marks or minor sewing imperfections. Item is new, never used or returned, and will function just as well as a 'perfect' product.

A generously sized (29" x 29") hooded towel that fastens around Mum or Dad's neck like a giant apron! For babies nb-11m.

For tricky baby bath times, the Apron Hooded Towel is a wonderful solution. Hang it around your neck like an apron to keep your hands free as you bathe your baby (you'll also be protected from splashing!). When you take baby out you can hold her to your chest right away - and quickly cover her head and body with the rest of the hooded towel. When baby's ready to be diapered and dressed, the neck strap easily unsnaps.

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