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Gentle Baby Essential Oil

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We love using essential oils on our family and we know you will too!

Gentle Baby is a soothing essential oil blend that's specially designed for babies and parents alike. Gentle Baby's soft, fragrant combination is made of the following 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils: geranium, coriander, Palmarosa, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Jasmine and Rose.

Gentle Baby is designed:
- to promote calm emotions for parents and babies
- to be soothing to tender skin
- to help promote healthy, youthful skin (for mamas)

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Ways to use Gentle Baby:

1. Diffuse at bedtime as part of a calming, relaxing routine (add lavender if you like!)
2. Apply with coconut oil for a soothing baby massage
3. Apply diluted to baby's chest to support a healthy respiratory and digestive system
4. Apply diluted to baby's feet to soothe and calm
5. Use with castile soap and water for baby's bath
6. Make a linen spray (water, pinch of epsom salt, spray bottle) to freshen baby's room, spray on toys, bedsheets, etc
7. For mama: apply to wrists, or behind ears to ease feelings of stress and promote relaxation